Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Late September has brought beautiful fall weather, with mild temperatures during the day but enough cold at night to set off intense foliage colors -- especially on the 10,000-foot mountaintops that surround our valley.  The aspen leaves are brilliant gold, the mountain mahogany are rusty red, the native grasses are golden tan, and the sky is that brilliant blue that is a specialty of the Colorado Plateau.  We have taken a couple of "leaf peeper" drives over the last week, and I think that the intensity of those visual experiences has carried over into the studio.  I find myself reaching for the yellow-to-burgundy spectrum with blue contrasts, such as in the 8"x8" shown at left, which I finished yesterday.

I cherish the richness of our autumn colors, the more so because the coming winter will bleach out all foliage, and the red cliffs and blue sky will stand vigil over a gray and dull countryside. The vitality of these months will be frozen into stillness, and daily life will be less invigorating.  A more contemplative time.  For now, each day unfolds with a freshness and a crispness that invoke apple cider and pumpkin pie.


Joefaux said...

Another nice piece. I'm going to have to work my way out there to see them all together one of these days.

We've been enjoying the fall colors here too. The other day on a walk into an aspen forest it felt like walking into a Rothko painting. Immersion in color.
Keep up the good work.

Nancy said...

Thanks, Joe. It is nice to hear from you! I can imagine fall aspens in the Rockies -- yum! I like the Rothko reference. Nancy