Sunday, March 13, 2011

time passing

I was somewhat surprised when I looked at this blog today and realized that nearly a month has passed since I last wrote.  I have been painting, a lot, but I have not been writing.  I sometimes create posts in my head while I work, but I haven´t been sitting down to write them out.

In part this is because the painting has been going well; in part it is because life outside the studio has been busy; in part it is due to an annual late-winter funk that I tend to fall into.  Still, I like to celebrate good paint flow as well as to address concerns about it not flowing, and I regret not having recorded some of the insights that I have had over the past weeks.  If indeed they are still lodging somewhere in my head, as I believe they may be, I can´t access them at will.  I should jot down at least brief notes as ideas occur to me, for later reference.

This coming week is necessarily a production week, since I have to get at least a half dozen pieces to the gallery here in Torrey before we leave on a trip next Monday.  Gallery 24 will open for the season while we are gone. I have close to thirty panels under way (most of them small), but only a few that I am willing to let out the door.  Still,  I don´t need many, and I will finish up quite a few more soon after our return.  Perhaps during that time -- and as I approach the one-year anniversary of this online journal -- I will improve my habits of testifying to the creative process that I experience.  Such, at least, is my resolve.

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