Tuesday, July 6, 2010

clean slate

i spent this morning one-handedly cleaning up the studio after my show-oriented production work of the past couple of weeks. my drill, admittedly old and of poor quality, had given up the ghost back when i still had several montages to assemble, and the panic of securing a new drill, and then making up for the time lost, was evident when i finally got out to the studio. packaging, drill bits, old battery chargers, sawdust, beeswax, eyelets, wire, rags were everywhere. it felt good to get it cleared away.

several half-finished panels await my attention, and i plan to work on them first. after they are done and are added to the gallery show, however, i get to break out a new set of gessobords, these based on 8" multiples rather than 6". i am looking forward to working a little bit bigger.

in the meantime i have a pretty, if uncomfortable, blue cast on my arm. it comes off in five weeks, the day after I get back from the cold wax workshop in longmont, co.

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