Friday, November 18, 2011


 I watched a PBS program on Bill T Jones and his choreography and modern dance troupe last night, and once again felt that visceral connection to the dance process and form.  I feel it in my bones and muscles.  I was pulled right back into the years when I danced, vivid memories of the feel of the pieces I choreographed both in my body and in my mind.  I was fearless when I danced, I had no self-consciousness or nerves.  I have never felt so completely one with an art form since.

I know I can never fully get back into dance.   Age and location are two huge barriers; even if I could get back into enough physical shape, I would have to turn my life upside down to live where I could be in the dance world.  So this morning I turned the question “how can I dance again?” into “how can I incorporate dance into the two forms of art that I am practicing – cello and painting?”.  Good question.